Benchmark Email is a simple email marketing tool for anyone who needs to send personalized email at scale.

Benchmark Email Entities:

As Source: Get Contact Lists, Get Contacts From List, Get Segments, Get Surveys, Get Images, Get Emails, Get Confirmed Emails, Get Polls, Get Automations, Get an Automation

Target: Add Contact, Create Contact List, Add Survey, Add Question to Survey,

Add Email, Add Poll, Create an Automation, Add Email in Automation, Automation Email Content

1) Setting up the Integration

Here is how to integrate Benchmark Email in a few easy steps:

  1. Once logged in, in your dashboard, on the left side you'll see "Integrations" tab, click on this:

  2. Type "Benchmark Email" in the Integrations search bar:

    P.S. You can add new integration while Creating a task as well.

  3. Click on Benchmark Email:

  4. In the following window, name your integrations, give it a description and click next:

  5. Next up we need the API Token from Benchmark Email:

  6. To obtain the API Token , simply go to your Benchmark Email Dashboard and in the top right corner click on "Integrations"

    From here click on "API Key"

    Now simply Copy and paste your API Key to Syncspider !

    With this Benchmark email is successfully integrated!


Benchmark Email is just one of the tools we support!

To check the list of the tools and features we support, please click here.

If you don't see your favorite tool on our list, please take the time and send us a request here to create an integration for you OR Up-vote it if it's already on the list :)

We develop the integrations based on the requests and up-votes :)

If you got any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team via the chat widget on our site and within the SyncSpider app.

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