Tasks are built under Companies or it's Projects. If you have an Agency account, you'll have access to Sub-Accounts (sub-companies) and all the projects belonging to these sub-accounts. 

Learn more about Projects, Companies, Sub-Accounts and Agency Accounts.

How to create a Task?

From your dashboard simply click the Crate a task button:

Then you need to select your Source integration, find it on a list or simply start typing in the search bar, and click on the desired integration module.  

Then, you'll have to Integrate that app or system with SyncSpider (or if you have already integrated some apps, you'll find them on the list)

Learn how to integrate every application or system we support here.  

Depending on the source Integration, you'll have few options on what what to get from that source system. Simply click on a field and select the wanted source.  

On the bottom of the screen, you'll see the progress bar, click next there:

Then you'll need to select your Target Integration. The process is the same like when choosing the Source integration.

So, just search the wanted system you want to integrate, select what you want to grab from it as source etc.

After adding your target Integration and clicking next, notice the top navigation bar. There you you can always see what is your source:

Also, there you'll find the Button to add additional step and create a Multi Step Task. 

Lear more about creating a multi step task here.

Next screen will let you configure your source integration. Depending on the source integration you selected, you will have various options. Once you select options, click Next.

Then, SyncSpider gives you the option to filer data you want to get from your source integration. 

Learn more about filtering data here.

Next step will be configuring your target Integration, again depending on the select target system you will have different options - or in some no option at all.

Finally, we are cumming to the most interesting part. The Mapping Screen.

After you have successfully mapped your Task, we come to the final screen:


There, you can: 

  • Schedule a task, on Event or by Schedule

  • Name a task, and ad it's description

  • Turn a task on (you can do that from your Dashboard as well)

  • Turn on email notifications. 

If you need any further help, just ping our chat support! We are here to help:)

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