1) Setting up the Integration


Streamtime is a powerful tool that allows you to create, plan, and manage projects while keeping your team happy. Streamtime’s interactive ToDo screen can replace timesheets, making chasing timesheet completion a thing of the past.

Streamtime Entities:

Source: List Users, List Contacts, List Job Items, Get Invoice Line Item, Get Job Phases, List Job Item Users and List Invoice Line Items.

Target: Create Company, Create Contact, Create Job, Create Job Item, Create Job Item User, Create ToDo and Create Job Phase.

1) Setting up the Integration

Here is how to integrate Streamtime in a few easy steps:

  1. Once logged in, in your dashboard, on the left side you'll see "Integrations" tab, click on this:

  2. Type "Streamtime" in the Integrations search bar:

    P.S. You can add new integration while Creating a task as well.

  3. Click on Streamtime:

  4. In the following window, name your integrations, give it a description and click next:

  5. Next up we need the API Token from Streamtime:

  6. To obtain the "API Key" log in to your Streamtimedashboard , On the top left corner click on the three small lines.

    After that click on "Profile and Settings".

    After that click on "Integrations".

    Here you have a section named "Data just for you" click on "Connect" and you will obtain your API Key.

    After that simply copy and paste the API Key to SyncSpider !

    With this Streamtime is successfully integrated!


Streamtime is just one of the tools we support!

To check the list of the tools and features we support, please click here.

If you don't see your favorite tool on our list, please take the time and send us a request here to create an integration for you OR Up-vote it if it's already on the list :)

We develop the integrations based on the requests and up-votes :)

If you got any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team via the chat widget on our site and within the SyncSpider app.

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