In this article we will be explaining how to Sync your Google Contacts via CSV module in a few quick steps

Step 1.

Create or use the existing contacts in your Google Contacts database ( in this case we will be using a Test contact)

Step 2.

Click Export and choose "Google CSV"

IMPORTANT NOTE: When Exporting Contacts, You can choose if you will Export All Contacts or just specific ones , to choose specific ones click on "Selected Contacts" but you will have to select specific contacts before that.

Step 3.

Now that you have a CSV file Exported (downloaded) simply go to your SyncSpider Dashboard and create a task with the CSV as Source ( Because we are importing Contacts to SyncSpider) and choose the "Local" Storage Type.

Step 4.

Upload the File into the CSV Options Page and configure the task per your use-case.

With this we will end this article.

If you got any further questions or need additional assistance, please contact our support team !

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