With templates you will save a lot of time for similar tasks, you can easily set up multiple tasks with small tweaks , for an example if you have multiple vendors in Dokan or any other store.

In this article we will show you these options with our Templates:

  • Save the task Template

  • How to use the Template

  • Mapping by Templates

Saving the task template

To create and save a task template Simply click on "Generate Mapping Template from this task" which you can find at your Task Settings.

Now you can name and set to which company this template will be available and you can set this template to public

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly advise our users to set the templates to public so all our other users can use the templates that you created :)

Simply click on "OK" and your template is saved !

How to use the template

To use the template, on your SyncSpider dashboard at the top right corner you will find a small arrow next to the "Create a task", click on it and choose "Create from Template"

Now you choose the template and click on "Ok" to go to the task creation settings,

In the next step, you can choose if you want to use an existing integration or create a new one for both integrations. ( it will automatically save the entity that you already set in that template)

Mapping by Templates

If you have already created a template from a mapped task, it will copy all the fields that were mapped in that task.

If you got any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team via the chat widget on our site and within the SyncSpider app.

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