With this article we will show you where to find the XML part of our Custom Integration Builder, and the options that it has within it.

SyncSpider now supports XML connection as source. We will be working to add target support as well. If you need any other features, please request here, and give us your comments on this functionality

First , we will go to the "Custom Integrations" Section

Then, go to the "Add Custom Integration"

Set the name, description ( Optional) and set the Integration Type to XML

Now add the data type, name it and click on "Configure"

Here we have the first step of configuration settings : Type , Direction and Transformer

IMPORTANT NOTE: XML Can only be used as SOURCE integration ( but we are working on adding it as Destination too in the future).

Now we move on to Schema

You can upload data or an article with XML and it will form (create) a SCHEMA that you will modify and use in the way that you need it.


If you got any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team via the chat widget on our site and within the SyncSpider app.

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