A calculated custom field is the right choice if an output value should be calculated with a formula. The formula might contain values from source data and/or constant values.

To add a calculated field you need to get to the Mapping step of a task setup and check the section on the bottom-left.

Step 1:

Click the + sign next to Custom Fields to see options for adding one.

Now select Calculated Field.

Step 2:

To set the calculation formula choose a value from the first dropdown list and click the + sign next to it. You will see the value appear in the Preview section below.

Step 3:

Now select an operator and click the according + sign to add to the formula.

Step 4:

Repeat Step 2 to add the second value.

Step 5:

Make sure the formula preview reflect the intended calculation and hit Save.

You can edit or delete your Custom Fields in the according section in the bottom-left of the Mapping Screen of your task setup.

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