Via this article you can learn how and when to use Word Press multi-language support or, so-called, WPML.

Please keep in mind, that two steps (destinations/targets) are required in a task to add translations. This is not a technical required, however context-wise is mostly the case, as mainly one would want first to add a new product and afterwards add translation for same.

In the example, first WooCommerce destination will update/create a product in the default WPML language, then the second one needs to be mapped as described in step 2.

Additionally, if you hover on fields Language and SKU you will get an explanation.

Step 1

Make sure the integration supports WPML, use the most up-to-date version of the plugin and proceed to the Mapping step of the task setup.

Step 2

Locate the WMPL Plugin Fields in the mapping section and match the appropriate pairs of Language - Translation SKU fields.

Note: Make sure your Language field has data type options on both source and target for matching.

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