When executing your task, you might encounter a confusing larger amount of items imported to target than were exported from the source to begin with.

Does that imply there's a bug? Not at all!

In most cases this will happen with the Products entity, and related ones, but might also apply to other entities across various integration options.

For example:

How an export of 13 items at source can be processed as a total of 26 items, to finally be sent to target as 8 items?

Here's the logic and calculations behind these seemingly random amounts:

  • there are 3 products that had a total of 16 variations

  • (2 products with 6 variations and 1 product with 4 variations (2x6+4=16)

  • So, 10 variation products (10 products with 1 variation per product)

    plus 16 variation products (3 products with a total of 16 items/variation products) = 26 items.

IIIIII x 2 + |||| + |||||||||| = 26 items (or product variations)

 1 2 3 = 3 products in total

Target only receives 8 items because you have only 8 "parent products/variable products" paired with Variations. Consequently, each Variable(parent) product may contain several Child products.

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