The focus of this article will be on deleting entries in Google Sheets without manually going through them.

First we need to integrate Google Sheets. You can find the guide here.

Next, we need a source sheet, in this case we will use Sheet C, as seen below:

For our target sheet, in this case Sheet D we will map the fields which entries we want deleted with the Constant Value, in this case "redacted".

As we can see, the exported sheet is the same as the Source sheet except the redacted fields.

If the file contains sensitive information that needs to be redacted and the originals deleted from the records, for example Names and Addresses like in the Sheet below:

You might want to delete the source file after the export has been completed. You can do that by selecting the following option:

Furthermore, if you would like to delete the previous versions of the exported file make sure to select the Overwrite option in the Target Configuration.

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