The purpose of this article is to show you an easy way to only migrate Orders that were not already transferred via SyncSpider.

We will be using a simple task as an example with Shopify as a Source Integration and Google Sheets as a Target integration.

Step 1:

Tick the box next to "Incremental Import", while configuring the Source Integration, as shown in the picture below:

What is incremental import?

Monitoring of the external system, where is mostly an endpoint filtered by date, and date is been updated with every Task Execution inside the SyncSpider. Which will mean that SySp is monitoring the system from that date.

This will make only orders created after the last task run be transferred over.

Step 2 (optional) :

You can use our Source Filtering to further specify which orders will get transferred, by various criteria shown in the pictures below:

That is all there is to it :)

Let's look at what happens with Orders when the "Incremental Import" is ticked:

We can see 2 orders being transferred over to our Google Sheet.

However, if we run this task again (provided no new orders came in), you will notice that the task ran successfully, but with 0 items processed (0 orders transferred):


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