Suppose you have a Google Sheet from which you need to transfer data to another sheet on a schedule. You've set up everything, the first task run goes smoothly, but you notice already existing entries being imported to the new sheet again in all subsequent task runs.

Proper settings on both Target and Source integration will help you avoid duplicated entries.

Let's take a simple sheet with a couple of entries as an example.

This first batch of information should get sent over without any issues for the first time if keeping the default settings, as shown below:

However, if we add more information while keeping the same settings, the whole sheet will get transferred over, instead of just new data, as shown in the pictures below:

The solution consists of two steps:

Step 1:

Select "Update records" as a method of Record processing, within the Source Configuration settings, as shown in the picture below:

Kindly note that you will have to tick the boxes of columns you wish to be considered unique.

Unique columns are the ones that SyncSpider will observe during subsequent task runs. Here are some basic rules for them:

• If values are changed or added inside the unique columns, the sheet will get updated.
• If there are no changes within unique columns the task will still run, however, there will be no updates to the Sheet.

• A minimum of one column needs to be selected as unique.

• All columns can be chosen as unique if you prefer so.

Step 2:

Select "Overwrite file each time" as the Export Behaviour, within the Target Configuration settings, as shown in the picture below:

As you'll notice in the picture below, upon running the task, only new values from Sheet A (in this case "Value A3 and Value B3") were sent over to Sheet B:


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