As stated before this step is only needed when importing data to SyncSpider and is meant to take care of the different syntax in regards to pagination as well as determine the starting point which may vary between systems.

Options and fields available are:

Disable pagination

  • Used to disable pagination all together.


  • Define key for Page (e.g. Page might be ā€œpā€) (to remove key from request type '-1')

Page start from

  • Define start number for page pagination (0 or 1)


  • Define key for Limit (to remove key from request type '-1')


  • Define key for Offset (to remove key from request type '-1')

Has More

  • Define key for pagination token - supports nesting - ''

For all these fields there is an option to place -1 into the field which means that the system won't send out this field's value and should be used in the case that the specific way that api handles pagination is incompatible with our tool.

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