Connect Freshsales in few easy steps:

Once logged in, in your dashboard, on the left side you'll see "Integrations" tab, just click on it: 

Then,  click on the Freshsales integration or search it in the integration search bar.

P.S. You can add new integration while Creating a task as well. 

In the following window, name your integrations, give it a description and click next.

NOTE: You can have more than one integration with one app/tool. E.G. Google sheet integration with your personal and your business email. Using descriptions will help you organize better. 

After that you need your Freshsales domain name (< Freshsales name > (its your comany name  + and your API key.

Check our video instruction on where to find API key.

 To find your API key login to your FreshSales account click on your Profile picture, then click on "Settings" and from there click "API Settings" copy the API Key and paste it to SyncSpider . Click Finish and your Integration is integrated!

If you got any questions or need any assistance feel free to contact our support through SyncSpider ! 

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