Connect BigMarker in few easy steps:

Once logged in, in your dashboard, on the left side you'll see "Integrations" tab, just click on it:

Then,  click on the BigMarker integration or search it in the integration search bar.

P.S. You can add new integration while Creating a task as well. 

In the following window, name your integrations, give it a description and click next.

NOTE: You can have more than one integration with one app/tool. E.G. Google sheet integration with your personal and your business email. Using descriptions will help you organize better.

Click on it and choose your integration name and description . After that you will need your API Key that you can find here: .

Check our video instruction on where to find API key:

Login to BigMarker and copy the API key from the list and paste it to SyncSpider, Click finish and you have successfully integrated BigMarker !

If you got any questions or need any assistance feel free to contact our support through SyncSpider ! 

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